Chapter 1.17: What a Hand Can Hold

New chapter! After about of week of nothing after those strong days of chapter releases, it is back. Enjoy!

Read here: Chapter 1.17

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Chapter 1.14: Against Black Petals

New chapter! I’ve been on a role the last few days. This chapter has lots of action, and a lot of things go down pretty quickly. The “loose ends” will be tied up before the end of Volume 1. Of course, since this series will consist of multiple volumes, things will be revealed as the story progresses. Be sure to remember that.

Anyway, here’s the chapter: Chapter 1.14

Updates + More

I got around to updating sections of the website. Mainly the Timeline page, which is now caught up to Chapter 1.11. So, there’s that.

As I get into the climax of the first volume, I’ve pondered a few things. Friends have agreed with me on the fact that I definitely need to figure out how to advertise the series better. I think that’s going to be one of my main goals as I finish up Volume 1 and prepare for Volume 2.

Volume 2 is going to have a similar plot to my previous Phantonics attempt, with obvious changes so that it can take place after Volume 1. I’ve really struggled with Volume 1, to be honest, when it comes to certain things. Mainly, I’m horrible at getting a story going and introducing characters. I believe those are some of my greatest weaknesses, and I hope to work on them for the future.

I’m hoping 2019 is the year for Phantonics to finally gain some traction. As I’ve stated originally, I hope to grow as I write, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the series will look like in the future.

Thank you to everyone who has read the story so far. I’ve gotten a few likes usually with each chapter, and it’s appreciated. Remember that: no matter how small the support may seem to you or someone else, I appreciate all of it.

I’m hoping to begin making more update related posts, as well as other things aside from chapter releases. Hope you guys will enjoy checking those out! And once again, thank you.


Chapter 1.11: Dreams

Here we go. Chapter 11, my favorite number. By the way, hopefully you guys have caught on by now how the chapters work. 1.11 means that it’s the 11th chapter of the first volume. Just want to establish that, cause I’ve had friends wonder about it.

This is mainly a setup chapter for the climax of volume 1, yet a lot of vital things happen that will be important much later on in the series. So, pay attention to everything. Oh, and enjoy!

Read here: Chapter 1.11