I Haven’t Made a Site Update in Quite Some Time, So Let’s Talk!

Hi everyone, long time no talk.

Over the past few weeks, my will to write has returned to me, and we are back in the game. I did start this newer version of the web novel back in January, so I’m certainly a lot further behind than I want to be. The delays in chapters are mainly contributed to mental health-related issues that have been amplified by everything happening this year. I can say they’re definitely still affecting me, but at least I’m making progress once more.

The chapters are being released weekly, with one new chapter for everyone. On Patreon, I now have it so we are two chapters ahead of everywhere else, which a new chapter posted there weekly as well. If you’re caught up with the story, and that interests you, then two bucks a month will grant you access. It is greatly appreciated if you do so, but as I’ve stressed in the past, simply reading the series is fantastic support on its own.

Don’t be shy about asking questions, by the way. If something in the story confuses the hell out of you, ask. I’ll answer as long as we don’t dive into spoiler territory. That is the thing though: there are loads of things that won’t make sense right away. Like what I’m doing with this new version involving Brandon *recent chapter spoilers* and his strange “alter ego” that has taken him over. It’s a new idea I have, yet it will all lead to the overall plot surrounding him that I’ve had all along. It will make sense in the long-run, just please be patient with it, just like you would with other points of the story.

I’ll admit it right now. One of my pet peeves is people who are not patient. In general, but also with writing. As this is a series that releases by the chapter, not everything is going to be covered right away. There’s a lot of content overall that needs to be covered, so it’ll take time. So, if you ask a question with the clear intent of “just tell us what the hell is happening” then it’ll probably be ignored. Genuine innocent curiosity, however, will loop back to what I discussed above: I’ll definitely answer you as long as we don’t get into spoiler territory.

I think I mentioned this on Royal Road, but this version of the web novel takes the comedy aspect of the series a lot more seriously. Comedy has been a thing with Phantonics since the beginning, so I figured that I would officially make it into a core part of what makes up the Phantonics universe. So, whacky antics will now be a more common part of the story. There are moments that will be quite stressful to read in the future, so a good balance of humor will be needed to help the reader not get too sad. Timing for this humor is something I’ve been working on; mainly involving Brandon. I hope to keep at it and make the “interlude” sections of the story in between arcs a lot more entertaining.

Speaking of, I’m not sure if I want to start doing interlude specific chapters. I’m still thinking about how I’d go about doing those. One thing I am heavily considering is beginning short stories of alternate “what-if” scenarios that could happen. I’d probably just call it “Phantonics Alternate” or something simple like that. Here, I’ll give away an idea for one: it would be called “Phantonics Alternate: Ash” and be a what-if scenario if Faith and Emma weren’t saved from the fire and they both died. It would be quite dark, so—naturally—it would be fun to write. Also, taking into consideration the humor thing, another side story thing I’d consider is one strictly for that kind of thing, that detaches itself quite far from the normal story. Maybe call it “Phantonics Fool” or something like that—idk I just pulled that title out of my ass. Right before this sentence that I’m writing right now, I took a small breather for a moment and noticed I had typed exactly 666 words, so that’s fun. Thought I’d mention it, just cause.

Side story-wise, Phantonics Sakura is still one that I will do whenever we reach 10 supporters on Patreon. Still only at one at the moment (shoutout to Novagirl93 for the support you’ve given so far) so, for those of you who do want to go that extra mile, that will be one of your (eventual) rewards. If you want to see Alexander Strauss in his own story (readers of the previous web novel will know him quite well—he’s a fan favorite from the few people I’ve talked to) then tell your friends! And for you lovely folks that read the story normally, rest assured. It will be released to the public upon completion. I mention on Patreon that it will be released in chapters, much like the normal story, specifically on there. Random note: I’m pretty sure the side story for Faith will be called “Phantonics Flare” and I have a good idea as to where I want to place it in the timeline. It’s… quite far off, however. We’ll deal with that once we get to that point. Random note 2: Alexander’s side story is called “Phantonics Sakura” due to his Psycho Matter matching the color of cherry blossoms—I know, creative. It has nothing to do with that one person from that one series about ninjas.

I think I’m going to make chapters a bit longer again so that more content is released weekly. When this version started, I wanted chapters to be shorter so that people could sink into the story easier and not be as overwhelmed. It was also to help me keep up with a schedule, but we all know how that went. I’m going to keep it up as long as I can, and we can hopefully start to see some growth in the series as we get through this second half of the year (how is 2020 already halfway over wtf). The current Crimson Mine Arc should be done by the end of July and the arc after that will hopefully be done by the fall. That will get us through Book 1, perhaps around 2 years after I started the original web novel (October 27, 2018 will always be considered Phantonics’ birthday, btw). I’m doing a really rough estimate here (especially considering how I am) and I’m guessing Book 2 will go into 2021. If I do well enough, maybe we can reach the territory of new new content like… a year or so from now? It’s kind of rough to type that out, but who knows? I could pull off something crazy and write much more before then. It all depends.

I should clarify, as I said before, there’s plenty of new content before we reach that point. The Crimson Mine Arc currently in progress is completely new, surrounding that two chapter fight with Derek in the previous version. It’s much more expanded than before, taking place in an entirely different setting. Fun fact: this mine was actually something from the original Phantonics that I wrote a decade ago. It’s kind of nice to go back to it when I’m actually somewhat competent with writing (somewhat). The following arc will have extra content expanding on that fight with Carl in the woods. Book 2’s first arc will be roughly the same (done better, though—I honestly did not care too much for how I wrote that), then there will be another completely new arc, followed by the arc the last version left off on. That one will be similar, with some differences with how some of the fights play out. Once we get past the point of the Chris fight and the situation that was going on with Emma, we’ll be in new territory. I’ve mentioned this before, but I, unfortunately, did pull the plug right before the super crazy stuff went down. It motivates me to get back to that point, but I know I have to take it slow. Or, just be careful with my writing. If I want to go off with writing, I certainly can if I’m in the right mindset. This simple update, for example, is WAY longer than I thought it would be. It’s a lot of rambling, but I’ve felt like I’ve covered some good points. Not only for you guys to read, but for me to think about.

Anyway, I think I’ll end it here, on that note. If you actually read through this entire thing, bless your soul. This update alone is about an average length of a chapter, and it took me about an hour to write (that does count the small breaks though). So, can I keep this up and work on an actual chapter right now? Or will I go to bed? Both sound tempting. We shall see.

Thank you,




Going to Start Making Daily Advertising Posts

To help promote the series, I will begin posting advertisements each day. Hopefully this won’t come off as too annoying, rather, it helps people get drawn into reading the story. I want to figure out a way to make each of these posts unique and entertaining, yet they’ll all have this sort of thing at the end of them:

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Sunday Salutations #3

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$10- Helps make sure my WordPress will be covered without worry when I have to pay for it.

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Regardless of being a Patreon or not, I thank you very much for your support!

The Eve of Volume 2

Tomorrow’s the big day. Volume 2 begins!

What can you expect from this volume? Well, with Adam’s exile from Prelude, he must now work together with Charlotte to figure out the answers they seek regarding her lost memories. As they now can’t obtain help from their friends, they’ll have to work at it on their own.

Along with this, we’ll be getting a more inside look at the workings of Unity, and how the organization operates. Brandon, Faith, and Winona head to their orientation, and quickly discover how difficult it’s going to be. At the same time, Alexander attempts to confront some of Unity’s darkness on his own. He may find out that even his almighty Psycho Matter won’t prepare him for what’s in store.

This, along with many other secrets will unravel. The organization Derek and Chris belong to end up making their move, and Adam will soon begin to learn things surrounding the event known as “The Night of the Half Moon”, which resulted in his mother’s death. If this wasn’t enough for him to process, Adam will meet a certain someone who ends up being far more important to him than he realizes.

I thank everyone for their support so far! Here’s hoping Volume 2 will end up being fantastic, and something everyone can enjoy. Remember: Tomorrow Chapter 2.1 will be available for everyone while Chapter 2.2 will be available on my Patreon! That chapter will release on Friday for everyone else.



Sunday Salutations #2

Here’s my second Sunday Salutations post! I have about 15 minutes left of Sunday in my time, so I figured I’d get it up quickly. There’s not too much I talk about—it’s quite short to be honest. However, if you’re Red Apple tier or higher, feel free to check it out here!

A reminder that Red Apple tier and above on Patreon will give you access to chapter a post early. This Tuesday, when Chapter 2.1 is released, you will be able to read Chapter 2.2 right away!

Another reminder of my Patreon goals:

$10- Helps make sure my WordPress will be covered without worry when I have to pay for it.

$25- I will begin to post analysis and explanation posts for Patreons detailing various things that occur during the story.

$50- I will begin to work on side stories for various characters, starting with Alexander Strauss.

Regardless of being a Patreon or not, I thank you very much for your support!

Sunday Salutations #1

What is this, you might ask? Well, Sunday Salutations is a special weekly update/rant thing I’ve started to do on my Patreon! Accessible through the Red Apple tier and above, you’ll be able to read these updates that I plan to post every Sunday.

Note: Our first Patreon goal is a simple 10 dollars, where we’ll be sure to have the funds to keep the story’s WordPress site going each time I have to renew it. Any support is greatly appreciated. ANY, even if you don’t support me on Patreon. Reminder: You are all great.

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Just Some Patreon Related Stuff

It is Wednesday, my dudes. Hope you’re all enjoying your day so far. I’ve been working on a few things such as Volume 2, updating sections of the site, and doing some Patreon related things.

I have made some smaller goals for us to reach on there. If we reach 10 dollars per month, that should help me keep the site up and running when I have to pay my WordPress subscription every two years. And if we reach 25 dollars per month, I will begin working on side stories for various characters, starting with Alexander Strauss.

Along with this, I’m going to begin posting chapters directly on Patreon as well, for everyone to view right on there if they want to. Chapter 1.1 is already up on there (both parts in one post). I may begin to post more updates on there that are specifically for Patreon alongside this.

Thanks for reading, as always. Been working on everything a lot the last few days. It makes me feel good to actually be motivated about something.


UPDATE: I am going to try out the early chapter thing on Patreon after all. You’ll be able to view a new chapter that is to be released on Friday on that Tuesday, and on that Friday you can see the chapter for next Tuesday. So, you’ll be a chapter ahead, basically. (Deleted the paragraph that I originally talked about not wanting to do this.)

Brand New Facebook Page

I decided to go ahead and make a Facebook page for the story, branching out onto other platforms. And… yep. That’s all. Feel free to check it out, as it’ll be another place where things will be posted as they release on the site, much like my Twitter and Tumblr page.

Volume 1 Re-Posts Begin Today

Just a reminder that Volume 1 will begin to be re-posted today at 4 PM EST. There will be one chapter per day up until March 12th, where Volume 2 will begin.

Started writing for Volume 2 last night, actually. The first major arc is getting set up, and once that one’s done, probably one of the most important arcs of the series will take place. I think that’s going to be my goal: have two arcs per volume. We’ll see how that goes, depending on how it works for the narrative.



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Volume 1’s Completion! + Reminders

In case you missed it, Chapter 1.21 was released late last night. This is the final chapter of Volume 1, which means the very first volume is now complete!

As a reminder, I will be re-posting the chapters with minor edits starting on Monday. It will be considered a countdown for Volume 2’s debut, which will be on March 12th. When this volume begins, chapters will become accessible a week early on my Patreon.

The plan is to have the first chapter posted on the site immediately, along with the second one on Patreon. That Friday will have the third chapter on Patreon, aaaaaaand the following Tuesday will have the second chapter on the site, as well as the fourth on Patreon. That’s the schedule I’m going to rock with (at this current time). So, every Tuesday and Friday will have updates for the story!

I plan on doing my own personal review of Volume 1 soon, which will help me reflect on how well I did with working on it, as I have difficulty with introductions to things. I’m already going to start on Volume 2, so I’m well prepared for its scheduled release (I’m bad with schedules, so I gotta take extra care with this lol).

Thank you for your support, as always. Here’s to continuing to grow, and getting closer to gaining some serious traction for this series!