Science of Phantonics

Phantonics is the study of the phanton, a particle exclusive to the Phantonics universe. These particles exist within every living person and are responsible for things such as Abilities developing and ghosts existing.


Ghosts (sometimes referred to as “Spirits”) are a common occurrence in the Phantonics universe. When a person passes, the phantons within them leave the body and normally rise towards the sky, where they join Xavier’s Ceiling.

At times, this phenomenon does not occur, and the phantons remain on the earth’s surface. This will cause the phantons to merge back together and manifest into a ghost.

Types of Ghosts

  • Residual Occurrence: When phantons gather into the form of a ghost and occasionally replay events of that person’s life. They are usually weaker and are indefinitely stuck to the area where their phantons gather.
  • Intelligent Occurrence: When phantons gather into the form of a ghost and are able to freely interact with the world around them. They usually hold a lot more phantonic power than a residual occurrence, although it is still difficult for them to leave the area where their phantons originally gathered.
  • Ouderkirk Occurrence (unofficial name): If a person had the royal blood of the Ouderkirk family before their passing, they have the potential to become a type of ghost that far exceeds that of an intelligent occurrence. For the most part, they have as much freedom as a normal human being, yet may need to conserve their energy at times.


The opposite of a phanton is known as a chaon. These particles are highly unstable, compared to their counterpart. Humans are naturally not supposed to come into contact them, however are able to under various conditions.

People, such as Carl Briggs, are able to develop unique skills that could be compared to Abilities. In his case, he is able to create and manipulate a black petal-like substance. Along with this, his body seems to act differently than a normal human being.  It responds in various ways depending on how it is attacked, as well as oozes a black liquid when injured, which heals himself.

Although chaons on average can be considered stronger than phantons, their instability causes awful repercussions for the user. Carl, for example, has greatly shortened his lifespan due to himself meddling with chaonic activity and modifying his body.


Unity is a group in the Phantonics universe made up of powerful people, both with Abilities and without. Stationed in Nexus City, the main goal of the group is to protect Requiem from threats, mainly those caused by chaonic activity.

There is a dark side to Unity, mainly regarding how people with Abilities are treated. If a person is discovered to possess an Ability, they must join Unity and use their powers for the organization, rarely getting a break. If the person refuses, they will automatically be considered a criminal and will be arrested. After the arrest, depending on the use of the Ability, the person may either be sent to a lab to be experimented on, or simply jailed.

These rules came into play when Elliot Rizzo took command of the group. With the help of an incredibly powerful Ability and the mysterious Brown Suits, few dare to oppose him.

He believes in creating the most optimal conditions for Abilities to prosper, so he’ll take measures to make sure nothing interrupts this. This is mainly shown when Alexander Strauss and Adam Grayson came back negative from a quick scan known as “Code 2819”. This test analyzes an Ability to determine if its values are phantonic or not. As the two seemed to not have phantonic activity involved in their Abilities, Rizzo concluded that it was too risky to have unknown factors involved in developing other Abilities.

Rizzo makes it so the two must leave everyone around them, and wander Requiem alone. Adam is free to do as he pleases, as long as it does not cross the law. Alexander must do a few mundane tasks for the man, such as entering the Blue World using his Ability to drive off wandering spirits. Unity takes steps to try and censor the presence of spirits, and with issues in the Nexus Network, they could easily enter Nexus City from the Blue World and walk around if it wasn’t for Alexander forcing them to “go away”.


Click here to see the page covering Abilities in detail.


  • Xavier’s Ceiling: A theoretical barrier in between the exosphere and thermosphere that is undetectable by humans and technology. The theory of its existence came about during a study of phantons leaving the earth’s surface. At this altitude, they seem to disappear, yet show the same kind of behavior as a ghost being formed before doing so. It was named after the scientist who discovered the phanton, Xavier Ouderkirk.
  • Phantonite: A special kind of material that was artificially produced. It reacts heavily to phantons, and can even change and expand its shape based on the values presented to it. Phantonite is used in almost everything related to phantonic technology, and is even used to construct weapons for Unity.
  • Core: A small silver ball made up of phantonite. These balls have unique phantonic code programmed into them, and when they react to the phantons of the user, they will transform into various weapons and shapes.

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