Phantonics Overview & Things to Know

Here’s the synopsis for Phantonics!:

Phantonics: The study of the phanton.

Phantons are tiny particles that make up the soul of each and every person. They are responsible for things such as the existence of ghosts, as well as “Concepts,” which are mysterious powers one can unlock upon “awakening” their own inner phantons.

Adam Grayson, a boy mysteriously lacking phantons, meets Charlotte Ouderkirk, a ghost of the royal family of his country known as Requiem. He miraculously awakens what seems to be a Concept, which Charlotte recognizes as power stemming from the “World Mirror,” something closely connected to her family. With Charlotte’s memories wiped of important information on the matter, Adam begins to explore for the truth behind his unique Concept. He, along with many others in the story, will soon come to a painful realization:

Do they know anything at all about the world they live in?

Head right on to the first chapter if you’d like!

Or check the story out on Royal Road (where I have the highest average viewership) or Neovel (views on here can help me out monetarily in case you’d like an easy way to do so)!

Things to Know:

Phantonics is a story I’ve been trying to write since 2010, going through many different changes as I age and learn more about the world.  Those past forms… are awful.  I may post snippets of them at some point for the fun of it, but I officially want to post the current version here on this site.

My goal here is to grow as a writer and bring this story that has meant so much to me out into the world.  Feel free to share any comments or concerns you may have about the series! As I begin to write out the actual books for the series (whenever that day comes), do note that it will differ from the web novel. Although I want the web novel to be the best that it can be, I’m also using it to experiment with several ideas I have.

*January 24, 2020 marks the beginning of the new web novel of Phantonics. Feel free to go back and read the older version anytime, as it will be archived here.

*I kind of messed up breaks between scenes in chapters with WordPress’s block thing. I’m using separators for the time being to split them up.

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