(Last Updated: 9/23/22, the update before that was 1/17/20, geez)

Q: When will you post the next chapter?

A: I have begun to work on the new version of the web novel (third times the charm… right?) so I would LIKE to begin releasing it again within the next month for the four year anniversary of the original web novel’s release.

Q: Who does all the artwork on the site?

A: Usually it’s TsunamiCoRyan!  Check him out!

Q: Why are some parts of the site empty/incomplete?

A: I’ll be updating a lot of things as the series progresses.

Q: Do you want this to become a legitimate book series one day?

A: That would be nice! It’ll take a lot of work to get to that point. DO NOTE that if it gets to that point, the book version is going to differ from the web novel. As of 7/22/19 I’ve started planning out the legitimate first book, and there will be differences. The characters, world, and the general plot will remain close to the same. And as of 1/22/20 I’ll be restarting the web novel, which will basically be the book version as well. Aaaaaaaand as of 1/17/21 (almost a freaking year after I started the new version, wow, covid really made this last year weird, huh?) I’m putting the series on an indefinite hiatus while focusing on my Twitch streams (as you probably read above). One day, we’ll do something big with this series. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND (since I seem to just be adding to this?) as of 9/23/22, work for the third version of the web novel has begun, as stated above.

Q: What’s the best way to support the series?

A: Simply checking out the story is great support. You can also help get the story out there by recommending it to your friends or sharing the site on social media! If you wish to go the extra mile, there’s also Patreon.

Q: Why didn’t blank and blank end up together!? They were my OTP!

A: My goal in the story is to make the ships pretty dang obvious, as they are involved in the story. Let’s please try and be tame when it comes to this stuff, okay?

Q: Do you have the ending of the story already planned out?

A: I have a good idea as to what it’ll look like, yes. Getting there is the hard part.

Q: Who’s your favorite character?

A: They’re my children, and I love all my children equally.

…The actual answer: Brandon, currently. Mainly due to the character development I have planned for him.

Q: What inspired this story?

A: My interest in the paranormal initially sparked it. Then anime. Lots of anime.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask below or contact me via the contact page!

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