Kyolog #2: Phantonics 4th Anniversary + NaNoWriMo, Finally…!?

Hello there. If things go according to plan, this second Kyolog should be posted on October 27th, the 4th anniversary of the original web novel of Phantonics. Woo!

If you read the last Kyolog, the plan was to begin a new version of the story today and begin pumping it out. But… no. That’s not happening. I do have some of it written, and I could release the beginning if I wanted to. It doesn’t feel like the time is right, however. Let me explain. 

Wow, that took a while to come up with in my head. Anywho, the excuse I’m giving is pretty much what I’ve said in the past. Phantonics is a series near and dear to my heart that’s been a part of my life for over twelve years now, give or take. I’ve expressed in the past that I believe it would be in my best interest to take my time and make it an actual novel series, as it’s grown into a TITAN of a story that needs proper care and planning. As a web novel… it is extremely difficult to do that. Especially if I want a consistent schedule, which I do, trust me. So, on the big ol’ four birthday of this series’ first appearance on the interwebs… I’m going to begin moving toward that direction. The things that I have written so far that were going to be released as a web novel really made me realize exactly what I’ve gotten myself into with this series. Forever evolving, changing… It needs to be put on a leash and led in a controllable manner.

For the time being, all I have to say to Phantonics is… thank you. Releasing this series to the public and seriously working on it has taught me many things. I’ll be taking care in the future when it comes to the story.

If you recall on the last Kyolog (go read it, if you want) I mentioned the overall collection of my stories is known as the “Spectral Script,” and they all form this huge universe that connects everything, cause I’m crazy like that. It should be noted that I can easily pull out one of these stories and mess around with it if I want to. And, well, I want to. NaNoWriMo is coming up here in the next few days, ain’t it? Hehehe…

So, let me explain my history with NaMoWriMo. There… isn’t one. I never got going with a story for it. 2020 is when I wanted to make my first attempt in the story known as “Across the Land.” Could have turned out good. I haven’t touched that series in ages, there’s quite a few fun things that universe had going for it. Eh, maybe someday. 2021 was going to be an attempt at Phantonics… I believe? I can’t quite remember. In fact, I might be getting the years reversed? I don’t know, to be completely honest with you.

This year, I want to take a crack at it again. Phantonics, as stated above, is not going to be a contender this time around. Across the Land has promise, but it’s been such a long time, the material isn’t quite in sync with me, if that makes sense (if it doesn’t, that’s fair). There are two potential story ideas at the moment that I might indulge in. I’ll be vague with the descriptors for now. 

The first is known as “The Boundless World” which explores a huge portion of the overall Spectral Script universe that Phantonics would take ages to get to. It follows the tale of Faron Yates, a young man that has lost his memories (if he ever had any, to begin with). With the powers of time and space seemingly manifested into his eyes in the form of “Shaded Eyes,” he must help a man known merely as “Augur” investigate Boundless Space, where pocket dimensions known as “Rivets” form, threatening to take root in the real world, overwriting it all together. 

The second one is called “World Reflector” and is basically an extended universe surrounding my vtuber lore, somewhat edited to make it its own standalone series. This one would take a few elements that I had with Across the Land and utilize them, as it’s a similar magic world. 

I’m being vague about these descriptors, as I said, but as I sit here thinking about it… I might go with The Boundless World. Relating to the title, funnily enough, I have a lot more freedom when it comes to the series, and I can explore some fun ideas I have with little risk (there’s always a risk, of course). I’ll take the time over the next few days to see if I can set up a decent enough plot to begin running with.

You know… I think that’s pretty much all I want to talk about for today. Oh, by the way, streaming is definitely not on the radar at the moment. Really haven’t felt like doing it at all. Well, I’d like to, it’s just that I’m not happy enough right now, to be honest. It’s been that way for a few years now, when I look back on it, which is why I’ve struggled to keep it going. I need to be in the right headspace for me to genuinely enjoy streaming, whether it be on Twitch or Youtube. As I discussed before, I’m pretty much done with Twitch at this point, unless I realize Youtube isn’t a good fit for me or something whenever I do decide to give it a shot on there. 

Anyway, thank you for reading! I’ll make a third Kyolog in the next few weeks, I think. It’ll be to talk about NaNoWriMo progress and if I’m actually getting things done haha.


Kyolog #1

Hey! Long time no see. Happy first day of fall.

It has been quite a while since I’ve posted anything on the site. As the renewal for it has officially happened, I figured I’d take my time to discuss a bunch of things. I had this idea of calling this type of thing “Kyolog” for some time, so it’s about time I make the very first one.

Let me start with what this site is meant for: writing. Although it’s been ages since I’ve posted anything Phantonics-related, the series is still in constant development… in my head. Well, there are loads of notes I have made, yet it’s hard to write literally everything down. I could make several novels out of that in of itself. Good idea for a side project someday? Maybe.

It’s not just Phantonics, however. The entire universe of the Spectral Script (did I ever officially name it on here? Idk) has been developing for ages now. I have this thing (unfortunate as it is at times) where all of my stories need to tie in together in some way. Thankfully, Phantonics is convoluted as is, and this “Spectral Script” universe is something that meshes well with it, and myself as a writer. I could always begin work on an entirely different story if I wanted to. But as I’ve stated in the past, Phantonics is extremely special to me, and I want it to be officially released in some capacity someday, for good.

Let’s get into my writing process, and how it’s been lately. As you can tell… it hasn’t been good LOL. I want to get myself back into the flow I had going almost four years ago now (holy shit) with the original web novel, but it’s going to be extremely tough to do so. I need to not only figure out a strong start for the story, I need to obviously keep things going and not have it fall apart like it has several times now. Chaos IS an integral part of the story, actually, so in a way… I could get it to work. What do I mean by that? You’ll have to see. It’s a really good thing I made Adam (who has a new last name, btw, of “Heroux” for plot reasons that will be explained later) a character that actually calls out and picks at stupid things that are happening to him. It makes a plot that can be sometimes difficult to understand at that current point in time a bit easier with a character that shares in the reader’s sentiments. It fits me as well—I like calling out nonsense. One reason why I like having Adam as a main character. I feel like, despite being hypocritical (as he has his own problems) he would be a good friend to help steer you straight at times, as will be shown in the story/has been shown in previous versions.

Anyway, let’s try to keep on topic (I’m not good at doing that). I mentioned the four year anniversary of the original web novel’s release is happening soon—October 27th. What I would LIKE to do is begin releasing the new version of the web novel on this date. The problem at the moment is… well, there is nothing written so far, albeit for one intro scene. The scene actually is my favorite so far, and it hold a lot of value to the overall plot of Phantonics… and beyond? Huh? What do I mean by that? I don’t know. Just kidding, I do (for once). It’s a short scene that people will ponder for ages, and even when they believe they’ve deciphered it, they actually haven’t whatsoever. It should be fun to see how people interpret it.

So, how WOULD the story go at the moment? I won’t spoil anything, of course, but I actually do plan to carry over some of the things that happened in the previous version, which I considered good, for the most part, aside from some key elements that ultimately caused that version to crash and burn. That, aside with what I consider one of the biggest plot twists I’ve ever conceived. Well… maybe. There are quite a few others down the line that can work really well, as long as I don’t make them too obvious (which was one of my issues in the previous version, as well as one of the reasons it’s now removed, for the sake of said spoilers LOL). I’m making my first attempt at writing as I work on this—I have some new techniques I want to try that should make the process a bit easier, so we’ll see how it works.

I’ll move on from writing, for now. I could easily ramble for quite a while if I were to stick to it. In the meantime, I’ll briefly go over my other thing: streaming. Well, more specifically, vtubing.

For my character, I would like to come up with a really deep and complex lore, yet this is difficult. Why? Read above, cause that also applies in this situation. Basically, his name is Kyol (pronounced the same as Kyle, just spelled differently) and he’s a dude that got isekaied into a new world known as Whadeverdafuk (actual name pending). With his new body, he realizes that he’s really good with water magic, so he becomes a mage. Yet, he also wants to study science, so he does that too inside his lighthouse laboratory. Kyol uses power from a ley line that the lighthouse happens to sit on top of, and streams to another world (ours) while studying it to learn of truth of how he ended up in this situation to begin with.

That’s the basic lore I’m going with. I’ll probably write up a short story at some point involving it. Oh, and remember when I said that I always tend to connect my stories together in some way? You bet I’m gonna try to do that with this as well LOL.

Moving on from that part, let me talk about streaming real quick. Twitch… yikes. That site is surely something atm. I’ve wanted to for a while, but I’m seriously considering giving Youtube a try for streams. To be honest, Twitch isn’t really going anywhere for me, so considering what is happening right now, it might be a good time to jump ship and “start over” with my streaming career.

Writing and streaming are my go-to things currently, and I want to make as much progress as possible. Life has been REALLY getting in the way the past few years, which is unfortunate. Things are going to be changing soon on that front, from the looks of it, so I’m going to try my best to make the opportunity a positive one and begin serious work toward my goals.

For the sake of not making this too long, I think I’ll call this first Kyolog here. Thank you so much for reading! Let’s enjoy the upcoming spooky season with (HOPEFULLY) the return of Phantonics.


Probably An Update I Should Have Done A While Ago

Hello everyone!

It’s been a bit since I posted anything at all on the site, even an update. I apologize for that. Lately, I’ve been focusing my entire time to streaming, which has become the priority for me. What does this mean for Phantonics, and my writing overall?

Well, Phantonics isn’t done. Don’t worry about that part. I’m always going to want to work on the series in one form or another until it becomes big one day. Yes, whether it will be written out in a web novel format like it has is up in the air. It all depends on what I decide to do with it. So, writing Phantonics might not come to fruition, but I do love to write. Other ideas (such as Across the Land) could be written as well. I think it all comes down to my time and the drive I have to work on things.

Like I mentioned, streaming has become my priority, for the time being. We’ve been seeing some good growth on Twitch in the last few weeks (hit 15 sub points last night, unlocking my second emote slot, for example) and I’d like to keep with it. I made it a goal to stream every day in 2021, and so far, I have done so. I do give myself some breathing room and count streams that roll into the following day (Example: I start a stream at 11 PM one day and it rolls into the next, therefore I count that second day as a day I streamed), so I’m not pushing too hard. It has been exhausting so far, but we’re getting the hang of it. I’ve been trying some new ideas/new games, but we’re mainly sticking to the main formula of Zelda (mainly Wind Waker randos, although I started a playthrough of Ocarina of Time that I want to 100%) and casual stuff such as Fate/Grand Order and the newer stream game for me: Genshin Impact. I hope to keep on experimenting with a more proper schedule, and hopefully have an official one set by the end of January.

Patreon-wise, I’d definitely recommend not supporting me there for the time being, as you won’t obtain anything anyway, which I, again, apologize for. I do want to focus on the thing that has a higher probability of success, and, most importantly, what makes me happier. If you still want to just for the heck of it anyway, I greatly appreciate it. Although if supporting monetarily is the goal, I recommend doing so on my Twitch, as subs go towards sub points which unlock more emote slots for me to fill (and emotes you yourself can use)! I may consider integrating Patreon/my site into my streaming-related content if things grow to that point, so keep that in mind. Again, Phantonics and writing-related content are still possible in the future, if you want to stick around for those specifically. Just know, Phantonics is always being worked on, at least inside my head haha

So, Phantonics is on an indefinite hiatus, for now. If you’re up for supporting me where I’m dedicating my time, head on over to my Twitch and check out my streams! Would love to have you there!


“Quick” Update With Writing + Streams

Hi. I figured I’d make this in case people don’t follow my Twitter (which you should, btw).

I decided it wasn’t a good idea for me, mentally, to try NaNoWriMo this year. There has been a lot going on both personally and in general so I figured it would be a bit much to try to write daily to reach a huge 50,000 word goal. Nervertheless, Across the Land will still be developed behind the scenes, and I will plan on releasing it eventually. Still can’t decide if I want it to be a web novel or an actual novel. We’ll have to see. I’ll have more of an idea as we get into 2021.

My goal for this month is to try out a streaming schedule for Twitch. Starting today, I aim to have a stream every weekday. Mondays, I’ll do a playthrough of a brand new game/game I want to beat (for example, I’ll try to finally beat the Ender Dragon today on Minecraft), Tuesdays and Thursday will be reserved for Fate/Grand Order-related shenanigans, Wednesdays I’ll dedicate to Wind Waker randomizers, my usual go-to for streams, and Fridays will be a free day where I choose what I’d like to play. I’d like to start these streams around 12 PM EST (although maybe a bit before or a bit after) and go for about four hours or so. Make sure you follow me on Twitch if this entices you. Streaming is my main goal alongside writing, so (assumingly you’re here because of my writing) just be aware that I do want to have time to work on it as well.

I released Chapter 27 of Phantonics last night after I got a huge surge of inspiration and finished it up. Due to how I’m feeling at the moment, I’m just going to allow Phantonics to have an unrestricted release schedule for a week or two while I work on streams. As I have ideas flowing through me, I may just decide to work on and post chapters on a whim. Or I could work on them and get a schedule going again; the obviously better idea. I’m taking the chapter ahead benefit off of Patreon for the moment, as I do not want to promise them when I have such a flimsy schedule. If I can get well enough ahead, I’ll make that a thing again.

I mentioned before that Chapter 26 was the end of the Crimson Mine Arc. Ehhhhh, sort of. Chapter 27 still branches off of it, and the events of the next chapter or two would probably be a better way to end it. There will be a huge time skip of… a week, so I can use that as the cutoff point between arcs. This is similar to the previous version after Adam’s fight with Derek where he was out of commission for a bit. We still have an entire arc before we get to where the previous version’s first book ended, and we almost have as many words. I certainly put much more content in this version, and the next arc will be similar. Hope you look forward to it/look forward to the story getting back on a regular schedule eventually.

I think that’s enough for now. Just wanted to let everyone know what’s going on/gather my thoughts. Thank you for reading, as always!


Phantonics’ 2nd Anniversary! Another Ramble About What I Think

(This is a few days early, but I can’t sleep right now. So, here you go.)

On October 27, 2018 I began posting my story, Phantonics, online. With weekly chapters (sometimes two a week), a few hiatuses, a renewed version that began this January, it’s been a bumpy ride. I’ve learned quite a lot from this experience.

I started writing this story in 2010, where I took a shot every few years or so at working at a brand new version. With a plot that’s been developing for over a decade and characters that I’ve had since I was little, I’ve really grown attached to this story. At one point, I added and removed so many details to the story that I legitimately thought “This is confusing. Maybe that’s the point?” Since then, I centered around the idea that the story was meant to take place in a unpredictable, chaotic world, and it was up to the cast to unravel all of the secrets it held. Although I still stick by this, it has led to a few issues, and mixing in other outside elements has caused chaos for me.

I love my characters. I love them to the point where I allow them to tell the story themselves. Although this is a lot of fun, and it leads to good dialogue, it can derail the story quite easily. Add this to the already confusing world, and you have a lot of situations unfold that are either tangents or completely unnecessary.

I’m pretty sure I discussed briefly in the last rant about the new plot surrounding Brandon and his “alter ego.” It was an idea I’ve had for a long time, and it leads into a lot of good things later on in the story, but I honestly believe working around that in this version messed me up. In the last version, I felt that him awakening to his Concept (Ability back then) was rather lackluster, and wanted to build it up this time. I think I dropped the ball with having all of this alter ego stuff be the thing that leads into it. The last version’s first glimpse of it was at the conclusion of the fight with him and Muraco versus Ivan, where he temporarily awakened it and one-shot the guy. Again, that was also lackluster in my eyes. Brandon is legitimately the oldest character I conceived along with Paul and Charlie, so I want to make sure I write him correctly. He also shows my own growth as a person and writer, as he was rather simple and kind of scummy back in the day. I don’t know, I think I need to take a step back and look at his character some more.

I’ve discussed before my conflict of wanting to continue the story as a web novel. This (along with other issues) has been a leading cause in the several hiatuses that have occurred. As I’m reviewing the last two years, I’m starting to see how the series works overall, and how the concept of a “schedule” for each chapter goes. I think releasing the story less frequently and in bigger “chunks” could be the best route. It gives me more time to plan out what I’m actually writing and allows for more flexibility in my schedule, especially since I’m considering streaming more seriously again.

I’m going to try and get this next chapter done for Tuesday (maybe the Patreon chapter as well), and then I may take another breather in November to decide on how I want to proceed. HOWEVER:

I’ll still be writing. This year, I plan on participating in NaNoWriMo for the first time with a brand new story. It’ll be a breath of fresh air, as I’ve only focused on Phantonics-related content at this point, and it may give me more of an idea on what I want to do with my writing overall when it comes to online content. I want to have the story be a huge prologue, which could lead into it becoming a web novel of its own; it all depends on how it goes. I’ll be posting more as we get into November, so stay tuned.

All I can say is don’t feel bad if you’re someone who can’t decide on what they want to do with their life. I’m twenty-six and am still trying to figure things out. Well, I’m decently confident in believing that writing/streaming is what I want to do, it’s just going about those that’s the conflict. I need time to plan everything more carefully.

Anyway, happy two years to Phantonics. Despite how hellish it is to write you, I still love ya. At this point, it’s guaranteed that the series will continue in some kind of form, so if you—the reader—enjoy the series, don’t worry. I’ll figure out a way to control the chaos. There’s a reason why Chaos Energy is one of the three great World Powers of the universe. What the hell does that mean? That was an out-of-context spoiler, so I hope you enjoyed that. (Hmm… World Powers… World Mirror… Hmm…)

Thanks for reading, as always.


Year in Review + The Future

I know a lot of people are going to be doing this type of thing, but I think it’ll be good for me to do. So, without further delay, let’s recap this year for me.

2019 was kinda… not that great overall, especially with mental health. But I’m actually going to focus on the good things. Despite the passing of my cat Shadow, who I had for over sixteen years (RIP buddy), I added two new family members to the squad. My guinea pig Haru, who’s been a good pal to my other guinea pig, Yuki, who I got last year. And a new cat, Phoebe, who’s been a great addition to the family as well. I did go back to school for the fall semester, and although it did not go too well overall, I DID finally pass a math class, which is huge for me. Not planning on trying classes again anytime soon, but if I do, I know that huge obstacle is finally out of the way. Probably the last big thing is I got a job for the first time in years, which I have been at for a few months now. I just learned today, unfortunately, that they are not keeping me beyond the seasonal position, as there are too few hours to go around, even for the normal workers. Pretty bummed about this to be honest, as I actually like working at Target. But, it is what it is, and there’s always potential to return there for another seasonal position or even a normal position, I just have to apply and see what happens. For now, I’ll probably do that along with looking around at other places.

As I down this sangria, we’re gonna get a little unprofessional here (this site was never professional to begin with, fyi) and make a delicious LIST of my plans for not only next year, but next DECADE. So these can be pretty big.

  • Write, write, write. Become not only successful with the web novels, but get some actual books published.
  • Stream, stream, stream. I don’t want to become a HUGE streamer on Twitch, but I want to get to the point where I grow a comfortable community. Become partnered? Sure. This all depends on the future of Twitch as well. It’s the internet, shit changes all the time.
  • Save money, save money, save money. I’m not good at this. With this recent job, I’ve finally saved up a decent amount, but I’ve got to keep it going with whatever ways I’ll be making money in the future.
  • Learn, learn, learn. In MY way. School has not been friendly with me these last several years. Me getting a degree is always something I’m willing to keep on the table, but in the end, I just want to learn new things. The biggest things I’m willing to try out outside of my mains of writing and streaming are art and coding. I’ve always loved the two, but there’s obviously a LOT to learn to be decent with the two. Branching off of this, I want to look into the game development stuff again, at least starting off with more tinkering with things in RPG Maker.
  • Have fun, fun, fun. I’m a pretty mellow individual, but over the recent years I’ve opened up TREMENDOUSLY. I really need to just enjoy life and enjoy new things. “Fun” is also included in the things above. I don’t want to drain myself on writing and streaming, I want them to be things I can say I legitimately enjoy doing. Same with art and coding; I can see those things in the end at LEAST becoming big hobbies for me.
  • Hobbies, hobbies, hobbies. Mentioned above, I really need to start making some things hobbies. I’ve had this mindset for years now that EVERYTHING I do has to work toward something I can work into making an income out of. Hell no. That’s a horrible mindset. I need to have fun (looping back to the last bullet) and expand my interest. I have so many video games, for example, that I could play. I’ve felt like “Oh, a new game? Better stream it to show my experience!” and yes, I can do that with a few select games, but I really need to just PLAY these damn games and enjoy them. Let’s not talk about how many games I have on Steam that I haven’t even touched.

If I have anything else to add, I’ll add it. I think that’ll do for this post, for now. Happy 2020 everyone, and let’s rock this new decade.

Happy Birthday, Faith!


Happy Birthday to the main heroine of Phantonics, Faith Roswell! In her world, she was born on June 24, 1994, making her 25 years old if she was real. Yet, she’s only 18 in the current time frame of the story.

Now that she’s conquered her fear of fire, for the most part, she’ll be able to light the candles on her cake herself!


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Happy Birthday Brandon Shepherd!



Today, April 20th, is Brandon Shepherd’s birthday! Adam’s best friend, and all-around funny guy, Brandon certainly tries his best to put smiles on the faces of those around him.

The story will one day get to everything that’s hiding beneath the surface, however. Just what kind of things is he keeping hidden within?

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Phantonics Now Listed on Web Fiction Guide!

What the title says! This is pretty freaking cool, hoping this brings some new attention to the series!

The listing can be found here!

Volume 2 is ongoing! New chapters drop every Tuesday and Friday!

Check out the Table of Contents!

Support me on Patreon! Gain access to chapters early, along with other content!

Reminder on the Patreon goals:

$10- Helps make sure my WordPress will be covered without worry when I have to pay for it.

$25- I will begin to post analysis and explanation posts for Patreons detailing various things that occur during the story.

$50- I will begin to work on side stories for various characters, starting with Alexander Strauss.

Regardless of being a Patreon or not, I thank you very much for your support!