Adam Grayson



Adam Grayson is the main protagonist of Phantonics. One night, he encounters Charlotte Ouderkirk, an ancient spirit of the royal family of Requiem. During this meeting, he awakens to an Ability Charlotte refers to as the World Mirror.

Charlotte has memory loss, and this Ability of Adam’s seems key in helping her remember what she has forgotten, as well as be used to combat an impending disaster.

Personal Description

Birthday: March 20, 1994

Age: 18 (Volume 1)

Gender: Male

Height: 5′ 9″ (175 cm)

Hair Color: Dark brown (with light brown streaks)

Eye Color: Gray

Ability: World Mirror

Status: Alive

Complexion: Pale white

Handedness: Right


  • Adam loves apples which may or may not be somewhat of a reference to Adam and Eve, don’t worry about it and will eat pretty much anything if apples are involved somehow.
  • Adam loves coffee as well and struggles during breakfast deciding if he wants to drink coffee or apple juice.
  • Adam’s favorite activities are napping and going for walks around Prelude.
  • Adam hates loud people, yet some of the people closest to him are quite talkative (such as Brandon and Faith).
  • Adam is named after a childhood friend of Kyle’s who passed away in 2011.
  • When it comes to science, Phantonics was the only one Adam was interested in during school. With school in general, he excels at most history courses.


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