Kyolog #2: Phantonics 4th Anniversary + NaNoWriMo, Finally…!?

Hello there. If things go according to plan, this second Kyolog should be posted on October 27th, the 4th anniversary of the original web novel of Phantonics. Woo!

If you read the last Kyolog, the plan was to begin a new version of the story today and begin pumping it out. But… no. That’s not happening. I do have some of it written, and I could release the beginning if I wanted to. It doesn’t feel like the time is right, however. Let me explain. 

Wow, that took a while to come up with in my head. Anywho, the excuse I’m giving is pretty much what I’ve said in the past. Phantonics is a series near and dear to my heart that’s been a part of my life for over twelve years now, give or take. I’ve expressed in the past that I believe it would be in my best interest to take my time and make it an actual novel series, as it’s grown into a TITAN of a story that needs proper care and planning. As a web novel… it is extremely difficult to do that. Especially if I want a consistent schedule, which I do, trust me. So, on the big ol’ four birthday of this series’ first appearance on the interwebs… I’m going to begin moving toward that direction. The things that I have written so far that were going to be released as a web novel really made me realize exactly what I’ve gotten myself into with this series. Forever evolving, changing… It needs to be put on a leash and led in a controllable manner.

For the time being, all I have to say to Phantonics is… thank you. Releasing this series to the public and seriously working on it has taught me many things. I’ll be taking care in the future when it comes to the story.

If you recall on the last Kyolog (go read it, if you want) I mentioned the overall collection of my stories is known as the “Spectral Script,” and they all form this huge universe that connects everything, cause I’m crazy like that. It should be noted that I can easily pull out one of these stories and mess around with it if I want to. And, well, I want to. NaNoWriMo is coming up here in the next few days, ain’t it? Hehehe…

So, let me explain my history with NaMoWriMo. There… isn’t one. I never got going with a story for it. 2020 is when I wanted to make my first attempt in the story known as “Across the Land.” Could have turned out good. I haven’t touched that series in ages, there’s quite a few fun things that universe had going for it. Eh, maybe someday. 2021 was going to be an attempt at Phantonics… I believe? I can’t quite remember. In fact, I might be getting the years reversed? I don’t know, to be completely honest with you.

This year, I want to take a crack at it again. Phantonics, as stated above, is not going to be a contender this time around. Across the Land has promise, but it’s been such a long time, the material isn’t quite in sync with me, if that makes sense (if it doesn’t, that’s fair). There are two potential story ideas at the moment that I might indulge in. I’ll be vague with the descriptors for now. 

The first is known as “The Boundless World” which explores a huge portion of the overall Spectral Script universe that Phantonics would take ages to get to. It follows the tale of Faron Yates, a young man that has lost his memories (if he ever had any, to begin with). With the powers of time and space seemingly manifested into his eyes in the form of “Shaded Eyes,” he must help a man known merely as “Augur” investigate Boundless Space, where pocket dimensions known as “Rivets” form, threatening to take root in the real world, overwriting it all together. 

The second one is called “World Reflector” and is basically an extended universe surrounding my vtuber lore, somewhat edited to make it its own standalone series. This one would take a few elements that I had with Across the Land and utilize them, as it’s a similar magic world. 

I’m being vague about these descriptors, as I said, but as I sit here thinking about it… I might go with The Boundless World. Relating to the title, funnily enough, I have a lot more freedom when it comes to the series, and I can explore some fun ideas I have with little risk (there’s always a risk, of course). I’ll take the time over the next few days to see if I can set up a decent enough plot to begin running with.

You know… I think that’s pretty much all I want to talk about for today. Oh, by the way, streaming is definitely not on the radar at the moment. Really haven’t felt like doing it at all. Well, I’d like to, it’s just that I’m not happy enough right now, to be honest. It’s been that way for a few years now, when I look back on it, which is why I’ve struggled to keep it going. I need to be in the right headspace for me to genuinely enjoy streaming, whether it be on Twitch or Youtube. As I discussed before, I’m pretty much done with Twitch at this point, unless I realize Youtube isn’t a good fit for me or something whenever I do decide to give it a shot on there. 

Anyway, thank you for reading! I’ll make a third Kyolog in the next few weeks, I think. It’ll be to talk about NaNoWriMo progress and if I’m actually getting things done haha.


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