My First Year Doing NaNoWriMo + Introduction of the Story!

Happy Halloween! Tomorrow, it’ll be November. Which means NaNoWriMo begins; my first year making an attempt at it. Feel free to add me on NaNoWriMo if you’re also participating!

The story will be called Across the Land. Set in the world of Aeteal (I’m gonna say right now that name is a pun, and you can already figure out how so by the first sentence. You can get it, I believe in you) and stars Colos, an elf who lives in the small village of Slathorne, part of the country of Ultiria. Colos seeks adventure, and would love to go on one. The issue is that he was born with a defect that causes mana within him to build up in his mana network (think of it like a bloodstream of mana) and unable to release magic effectively. His brothers, Igna and Uya, do not have this issue and are able to successfully do what they want. The three were found as babies by their adopted mother, Verrona, in the forest after mysterious lights appeared before her. The green revealed Colos, the red revealed Igna, and the blue revealed Uya. Verrona raised the three like her own children and made sure to keep them safe, as the encounter in the forest was, without a doubt, incredibly mysterious.

Luckily for Colos, his family is kind; the entire village is kind to him. They attempt to help Colos solve these issues to the best of their ability. In Aeteal, you need to have a competent grasp of magic to safely travel the lands; a license is typically granted to allow one to officially take on quests. With his weakened wind magic, Colos—at best—can maybe move a glass on the table closer to him or knock it over.

Everything changes one day. Igna and Uya visit home, returning from their classes at Five Elements Academy located in the capital of Ultiria, Nexen. Uya wishes to conduct an experiment in the old well of the town’s school using his water magic, and he needs Igna’s fire magic to assist. They have no issue inviting Colos to tag along, which he happily does. Wielding a mere Goat Steel Sword (forged from the metal horns goats continuously grow in Ultiria) he travels down below with his brothers. However, what the three discover will change everything; not only for them, but the entire world of Aeteal.

Aaaand that’s all I’ll say, for now. I’ll admit that, currently, 90% of this story is in my head, with nothing written aside from the notes. In order to complete this challenge, 50000 words are going to have to be written by the end of the month. Each day will need around 1500-2000 words if I want to keep on track. Since writing large amounts of words in a short time is my biggest issue in general, it’s going to be tough.

I’ll actually be streaming MORE on Twitch in order to help me take breaks/keep myself sane. Perhaps I may even do chill streams where I write (if that’s allowed, I’m not sure)? So be sure to follow me on there if you want. Aside from the potential writing, I play Wind Waker Randomizers, Fate/Grand Order, sometimes Pokemon, sometimes Minecraft, and other things.

This will act as a prologue to the overall series of Across the Land, which will continue either as a book series or a web novel; I have to see what would work the best, as I obviously still plan on continuing Phantonics. THAT, by the way, will have a very loose schedule this month. I may or may not post chapters at random times, so I apologize in advance for that.

Anyway, wish me luck with my first attempt at NaNoWriMo, and good luck to everyone else who is participating!

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