A New Thing I’m Doing

Recently, I obtained a drawing tablet. A nice one, at that, with a screen and everything. I got it working tonight, and have begun to mess around with it. From this point forward, I will be posting pictures each day on Instagram to track my progress as I begin to learn how to draw with the hashtag #kylesdrawingaday.

Is this important for my stories? Yes, absolutely. Being able to draw my own characters and such will be amazing, and may even help me expand my creative potential to the point where one day, I could make stories in a comic/manga sort of style? That’s the goal, to be honest, so I’m going to go for it!

Although this site will still focus on writing for now, I hope you continue to show your support as I begin to dabble in other creative mediums. I… do have something big relating to this, by the way. It may get the point where I want to experiment with it as well. Am I being vague? Of course. Look forward to whatever the hell I’m talking about when it happens.

Here’s a link to my Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/thekyologist/


Here’s the lovely picture by the way, in case you don’t go onto Instagram.

First Drawing

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