Phantonics: An Ongoing Web Serial

“Am I dying again?” Adam asked himself. His voice echoed in his head.

“It figures Faith was only delaying the inevitable. I was meant to die in these woods, wasn’t I?”

“It’s getting cold again…”

“I like the cold. It’s so… calming…”

“Just a beautiful sleep in a beautiful void. That’s all I want.”

“I remember… something… Fai… who? Who was that?”

“Someone… was here before…”

“They had something… something…”

“It was… warm?”

“I like the warmth. It’s so… calming…”

“F… f… fire…”

“F… fire… Fai…”


“Right… her…”

“I remember. Of course I remember.”

Volume 2 is ongoing! New chapters drop every Tuesday and Friday!

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