The Eve of Volume 2

Tomorrow’s the big day. Volume 2 begins!

What can you expect from this volume? Well, with Adam’s exile from Prelude, he must now work together with Charlotte to figure out the answers they seek regarding her lost memories. As they now can’t obtain help from their friends, they’ll have to work at it on their own.

Along with this, we’ll be getting a more inside look at the workings of Unity, and how the organization operates. Brandon, Faith, and Winona head to their orientation, and quickly discover how difficult it’s going to be. At the same time, Alexander attempts to confront some of Unity’s darkness on his own. He may find out that even his almighty Psycho Matter won’t prepare him for what’s in store.

This, along with many other secrets will unravel. The organization Derek and Chris belong to end up making their move, and Adam will soon begin to learn things surrounding the event known as “The Night of the Half Moon”, which resulted in his mother’s death. If this wasn’t enough for him to process, Adam will meet a certain someone who ends up being far more important to him than he realizes.

I thank everyone for their support so far! Here’s hoping Volume 2 will end up being fantastic, and something everyone can enjoy. Remember: Tomorrow Chapter 2.1 will be available for everyone while Chapter 2.2 will be available on my Patreon! That chapter will release on Friday for everyone else.



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