Just Some Patreon Related Stuff

It is Wednesday, my dudes. Hope you’re all enjoying your day so far. I’ve been working on a few things such as Volume 2, updating sections of the site, and doing some Patreon related things.

I have made some smaller goals for us to reach on there. If we reach 10 dollars per month, that should help me keep the site up and running when I have to pay my WordPress subscription every two years. And if we reach 25 dollars per month, I will begin working on side stories for various characters, starting with Alexander Strauss.

Along with this, I’m going to begin posting chapters directly on Patreon as well, for everyone to view right on there if they want to. Chapter 1.1 is already up on there (both parts in one post). I may begin to post more updates on there that are specifically for Patreon alongside this.

Thanks for reading, as always. Been working on everything a lot the last few days. It makes me feel good to actually be motivated about something.


UPDATE: I am going to try out the early chapter thing on Patreon after all. You’ll be able to view a new chapter that is to be released on Friday on that Tuesday, and on that Friday you can see the chapter for next Tuesday. So, you’ll be a chapter ahead, basically. (Deleted the paragraph that I originally talked about not wanting to do this.)

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