Volume 1’s Completion! + Reminders

In case you missed it, Chapter 1.21 was released late last night. This is the final chapter of Volume 1, which means the very first volume is now complete!

As a reminder, I will be re-posting the chapters with minor edits starting on Monday. It will be considered a countdown for Volume 2’s debut, which will be on March 12th. When this volume begins, chapters will become accessible a week early on my Patreon.

The plan is to have the first chapter posted on the site immediately, along with the second one on Patreon. That Friday will have the third chapter on Patreon, aaaaaaand the following Tuesday will have the second chapter on the site, as well as the fourth on Patreon. That’s the schedule I’m going to rock with (at this current time). So, every Tuesday and Friday will have updates for the story!

I plan on doing my own personal review of Volume 1 soon, which will help me reflect on how well I did with working on it, as I have difficulty with introductions to things. I’m already going to start on Volume 2, so I’m well prepared for its scheduled release (I’m bad with schedules, so I gotta take extra care with this lol).

Thank you for your support, as always. Here’s to continuing to grow, and getting closer to gaining some serious traction for this series!


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