Will Be Changing Chapter Pages to Posts

With the previous site theme I had, I made it so each chapter had its own specific page, and THEN I made a post saying that the chapter was released. My plan is to re-release each chapter simply within a post, and get rid of the original pages. This will help me out with some clutter, and organize the site better.

Pretty sure I’ll make it a countdown thing. I’ll post a chapter each day for Volume 1 all the way to Volume 2’s debut. For these last two chapters of Volume 1, I’ll simply make a separate post for them saying “Hey, I’m done re-posting the chapters, but these last two are already posts, so go check them out blah blah blah”.

Basically, I’m getting a better feel for WordPress as I go, and with the change of my site’s theme, I now want to make it look better overall. So, that’s what I’m going to do.

Speaking of chapter releases, Chapter 1.20 will be posted later today. Woo!


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