As We Reach the End of Volume 1… IMPORTANT Info Regarding Volume 2!

I am officially working on the last chapter for Volume 1 of Phantonics! The chapter I just completed will be posted tomorrow (or today, depending on where you are).

The plan is to ease my way into Volume 2 very soon. There will be more creative freedom, as I can freely move characters around without having to do a lot of introductory related crap. I’m looking forward to it, especially since it will have a plot similar to the previous book of Phantonics that I’ve written (which is unreleased). Things are going to get wild.

As Volume 1 was named “Genesis”, Volume 2 will also have a name. I’ve officially decided that it will be called “Verity”, as many themes relating to truth will take place throughout it.

Starting with Volume 2, Phantonics will OFFICIALLY be on a scheduled release! This schedule has not been solidified yet, however I do plan on having chapter releases once or twice a week.

Here’s something I’m going to start doing with this upcoming volume. Although the series will remain free to read on this site, you will be able to read chapters a WEEK early if you pledge to the Red Apple tier on my Patreon. It will be a mere US dollar per month, and I believe it to be a fair price for early content. If you have any comments or concerns on this decision, please feel free to contact me about it.

That’s all for now. More details will be discussed as we actually dive into this second volume. First things first, let’s wrap up Volume 1!


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