Changes to the Site

As you can tell with a simple glance, I have changed the theme for the site. I’d just like to let you guys know that I’ll be messing around with it for a bit, figuring out how I’m going to be releasing chapters from now on. I originally made a page for each individual chapter, and THEN made the post to say it’s released. My plan is to now post the chapter right in the update, and have that as the page people can always go to in order to read the story.

If you don’t really get what I’m saying, that’s okay. I’m trying to type this out so I can understand myself. Basically, things are changing, but it should not have an effect on how you read the story. HOPEFULLY, it’ll even make it easier.

Alright, thank you for reading my nonsense. Been working on the next chapter, should be out soon. Once again, Volume 1 is almost done. Woo!

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