I have the first chapter almost completely edited.  So soon, it will be posted and this journey will truly begin.

How it’s going to work: At the beginning, I will be adjusting a figuring out a good schedule that will work for the story.  The goal is to AT LEAST post one chapter per week, yet I’ll aim for more.

The first chapter is around 20 pages long (in the google doc it’s being written in).  My plan is to make each average chapter around 10 pages in length.  Along with figuring out a schedule I do want to see what length feels right for a chapter.

If you couldn’t tell, I want to learn as I go when it comes to this story.  I have the major plot points (and many variations just in case) planned out already, but for specifics I want to adapt in the moment.  It feels as though that’s how my writing has always worked, and I honestly think it’s pretty fun.

With that said, expect the first chapter of Phantonics within the next few days!


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