Hello there! Online I am known as Kyologist (or Ky, as my vtuber self goes by), but you can just call me Kyle. It doesn’t really matter. Anyway, I’m someone who likes to write things, such as my story called Phantonics. Here, you can read everything I’ve written (if it’s not deleted), as well as get to see other creative mediums I attempt to dabble in.

NOTE: I am in the process of removing the previous versions of Phantonics from this site, Royal Road, and Neovel. This is to prevent certain portions of the story spoiling major events in the future version. I plan to re-release the content in the future, however, so don’t worry.

Follow me on Twitter or keep and eye out for my Kyolog updates where I explain in detail my plans for my writing/what’s going on in my life!

Click here for an overview of Phantonics!

Click here for my Linktree for other places you can find me!

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